Holy Mackerel

Holy Mackerel Florida Fishing Charter in Flamingo

Holy Mackerel

Holy Mackerel- With the winter months starting to change to Spring the mackerel are still here. Gus and his father Pedro have their own 27 foot Mako Boat where they go ocean fishing. They love fishing Flamingo and decided that they wanted to come home with some very tasty Florida Bay fish. We traveled from the Marina at Flamingo 20 miles around Sandy Key to Schooner Bank on the way to Long Key in the Florida Keys. We started chumming about 3 miles from the bank.

Wow before you know it we were in a mackeral frenzy. After boating about 15 mackerel and a dozen snappers, Gus decided to change from shrimp to Clark Spoons. We caught atleast another 8 on spoons. We headed back to the middle grounds on the way to Flamingo marina. The Trout bite was great. We caught 20 and released all but 5. A huge trout probably 8LBS and 30 inches smashed a top water Storm Chugbug. I thought it was a snook or a large Jack. When it got to the boat I tried for the net but it was too late he flipped over through the plug and said “Bye Bye”. In all of the years fishing Flamingo I have never seen a trout that big here. We called it a very successful trip and all of us will never forget the Monster Trout that got away.

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