Fishing Biscayne Bay

Fishing Biscayne Bay Grass Flats for Speckled Sea Trout

Fishing Biscayne Bay

Scott and Charlie started fishing, equipped with Billy Bait bobbers with a 2 foot length of 20 lb. test fluorocarbon leader, a No. 1 live bait hook, and a live shrimp. On the second cast, Charlie landed a baby speckled seatrout, about 8 inches – the first fish of the day. It made me feel good to see the babies, because it means the fish are breeding and healthy, and the stock is growing.

Suddenly, an explosion on the surface of Scott’s bobber! It dunked under – the rod almost pulled out of the boat. Scott reeled in an 18-inch, 2 1/2 lb speckled seattrout. That was the first one in the live well, the first one for dinner.

By 5 o’clock, thunder and lightning was coming from the northwest right towards us. To the south of us was a rainstorm. It was obvious we were going to be hit. We decided to go to Bayside and get out of the rain – and stay out of the rain. Just as we were pulling up to the dock, the sky opened up and we were caught in a deluge.

After about 2 hours the rain subsided, we got back in the boat and headed back out to the trout grounds. I don’t know if it was the tide falling, or the 2 hour rain, but as soon as the bait hit the water, a 19-inch trout struck and fought all the way up to the boat: #3 in the live well.

We were out of live shrimp, so I took a few pinfish that we had caught, fileted them, and used the filets for bait. A barracuda nailed Scott’s bait, and we brought him in and released him. Immediately afterwards, a 22-inch seatrout devoured the pinfish filet: #4 for dinner.

All we wanted was just 1 more for dinner. It wasn’t 2 minutes and Charlie caught another Biscayne Bay, downtown Miami, 19-inch speckled seatrout.

As we were riding the boat back to the dock, we realized how lucky we were to be able to experience South Florida’s finest fishing just a few minutes from where we live and work.

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